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Default Interesting information - Guy Sebastian & rap


Love it! I didnt realise just HOW 'different' Guy's voice can be but there's no mistaking it. Ben really suits this too.

I'm wondering if Guy has produced this... it seems very 'Guy" in the production too.

I do remember there were quite a few tweets from people we didn't know, from LA and NY last year. Looks like Guy just sort of 'dropped' in here and there and worked with some people from time to time, from the sheer enjoyment. It's my husband's new favorite song, actually!

Guy was thrilled to announce that "Don't Worry Be Happy" went 4 x P. That makes so many of those in the last 3 years, he must be so chuffed.

The Voice is about to open here next week - so many people connected through Guy so its just as well he's not in it. I'm sure I've spotted his brother, Chris Sebastian, and Carmen his BV from 2004 onwards is having a go, plus another Barry Southgate who tried the 2nd year of Idol and is very cute but also had an afro, which really wasn't the greatest idea immediately following Guy. Oh, and Megan Washington - who although nothing to do with Guy, received many ARIA awards a couple of years ago and was touted as the next best thing. She has a record contract I'm sure, but is taking the opportunity to gain a better fanbase. She's very talented, musically.

Can't wait for a bit more action on the Guy music front though - I guess we just have to be patient, from his tweet not long ago where he complained there was so much to do it was difficult to know just where to start, it seems he's on to it.
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I was a little disappointed in his brother Chris' audition on The Voice... I think he's better than that, and also felt that the initial reaction by one judge was completely over the top. Really glad that it all worked out well, in the end. I've seen Chris (beautiful blue eyes btw) as a support act, with Tom Jordan, for one of Guy's tours and he is very charismatic and talented. For me, a smidgen of oversinging - hoping that Seal works on that aspect :haha:

Guy's tweet this week which is interesting is that he worked with Lupe Fiesta on Guy's new song "Battle Scars"! After hearing that song with Ben Burgess, am hoping something along similar lines perhaps. Very keen to hear new music.


an interview this week, which is really interesting. Really hoping that the single is just about ready to 'go"

XFactor Australia auditions begin in June 2012
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