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Originally Posted by ktl View Post
I am pretty sure that neither david c or brandon will be in the bottom two!
I have to agree with you there....
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Originally Posted by tia View Post
I'm not sure yet about what I think about that theory, however what is more interesting is what do you think will happen on Wednesday? Who do you think will go home on wednesday? Who do you think will be in the bottom 2 on wednesday? That is the more pressing question.
Yeap, you are right, that is what I should be thinking about, but is hard to say as we haven't seen the performances for this week yet, and my opinion will be out after tomorrows show.

Originally Posted by ktl View Post
I am pretty sure that neither david c or brandon will be in the bottom two!
I do agree with this statement, after what has happened during the whole season, I think at the end of the night the ones in danger would be Jason and Syesha, but I am tending to believe that it is going to be very difficult for Syesha to stay on the competition due to her weak fan base, and to the fact that Jason appeals to a lot of people around and besides that, all of them are trying to keep their contestants in the competition the longer it is possible, plus the fact that Jason is going to be getting extra votes from VFTW as he is their pic after Brooke left the show last week.

This is the time when anything can happen and according to that, no one is safe, not even the David's. If Syesha survives against anyone this week, I would be very happy, if she doesn't, well I will understand she didn't get votes enough to keep on going. So, it's hard to say!

And the only one I'm sure is going to be fine is obviously Brandon, he has show he was born for this! He is the Next AI for this season!
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