Jersey Shore Shooting Third Season

MTV’s hit show “Jersey Shore” is currently shooting its third season. Joining the show is Nicole “Snooker” Polizzi’s best friend Deena Nicole Cortese. The 23 year old has been best friends with Snooki for two years now. The new cast mate was announced at the meeting of the Television Critics Association. The second season of “Jersey Shore” recently broke records with 5.3 million viewers.

Deena has already experienced controversy when she said a racial slur in a MySpace video. When asked about the video, she says that she was only using the word as slang. She also issued an apology and said that she did not mean it to be offensive to anyone.

Deena doesn’t have a nickname yet, but describes herself as “class in a glass and party in a body.” She was added to the cast as Snooki’s partner in crime. The two have spent many nights clubbing together and met through mutual friends. They live in different cities but keep in touch on facebook and make time to hang out when they spend summers on the shore. Deena says that she likes everyone in the house and is looking forward to living with the cast. According to her, she is “looking to party.”

Thursday September 23 2010 TV Guide

What to Watch -Thursday September 23rd 2010

The following TV shows premier new episodes tonight:

The Big Bang Theory – season 4 premiere, 8 pm., CBS – the gang is back on a new night and Sheldon has his first date… EVER!
$#*! My Dad Says – series premiere, 8:30 pm., CBS – uhhh???
CSI – season 11 premiere, 9 pm., CBS – CBS is trying to get CSI to appeal to preteen girls, Justin Beiber guest stars… WHY??
The Mentalist – season 3 premiere, 10 pm., CBS
My Generation – series premiere, 8 pm., ABC – documentary style drama a group of high school friends and what happened to them 10 years later
Grey’s Anatomy – season 7 premiere, 9 pm., ABC
Private Practice – season 4 premiere, 10 pm., ABC
Community – season 2 premiere, 8 pm., NBC – Betty White guest stars
30 Rock - season 5 premiere, 8:30 pm., NBC
The Office – season 7 premiere, 9 pm., NBC – last season with Steve Carell in “The Office”
Outsourced – series premiere, 9:30 pm., NBC
The Apprentice – 10 pm., NBC – will the girls tie it up?
Bones – season 6 premiere, 8 pm., FOX
Fringe – season 3 premiere, 9 pm., FOX

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 10 pm., FX
The Vampire Diaries – 8 pm., CW
Nikita – 9 pm., CW
The Real Housewives of Washington D.C – 9 pm., BRAVO
Project Runway – 9 pm., LIFETIME
American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior – 9 pm., TLC
BBQ Pitmasters – 10 pm., TLC
Ace of Cakes – 10 pm., FOOD
Stan Lee’s Superhumans – 10 pm., HIST
TNA Impact! – 7 pm., Spike – RVD makes his return

What are you tuning into tonight?

Titanic TV Drama

Titanic TV drama, to prove English were not all villains

Written by English novelist Julian Fellowes, a new Titanic TV drama is set to release by highlighting the disaster’s ‘human version’ and prove to the people that English people are not all villains.

Fellowes said that the Cameron’s version of the special effects obviously couldn’t be compared on the TV version but instead, what they are trying and hoping to offer is the story’s much more human version.

The writer added that their version is more of the people on board’s tale said from the different classes and crews’ perspectives, and they’re using realistic characters but also developing the fictional ones to make them real as well.

Playing the villainous manservant in the movie, David Warner said that Titanic didn’t have a good character that was English and it’s common.

He added that Daniel Craig is a unique English Bond and typically, a person can only expect an Australian, Irishman or Scotsman for the role.

Monday September 20th 2010 TV Guide

What to Watch – Monday September 20th 2010

The following TV shows Premier new episodes tonight:

How I Met Your Mother, Season 6 premiere, 8 pm., CBS
Rules of Engagement, Season 5 premiere, 8:30 pm., CBS
Two and a Half Men, Season 8 premiere, 9 pm., CBS
Mike & Molly, Series premiere, 9:30 pm., CBS
Hawaii Five-0, Series premiere, 10 pm., CBS

House, Season 7 premiere, 8 pm., FOX
Lone Star, Series premiere, 9 pm., FOX

Chuck, Season 4 premiere, 8 pm., NBC
The Event, Series premiere, 9 pm., NBC
Chase, Series premiere, 10 pm., NBC

Dancing with the Stars, Season 11 premiere, 8 pm., ABC
Castle, Season 3 premiere, 10 pm., ABC

90210, 8 pm., CW
Gossip Girl, 9 pm., CW

Little People, Big World, 8 & 8:30 pm., TLC
Kate Plus 8, 9 pm., TLC
Quints by Surprise, 9:30 & 10 pm., TLC

Weeds, 10 pm., SHO
The Big C, 10:30 pm., SHO

Top Gear, 9 pm., BBC America
America’s Best, Series premiere, 9 pm., FOOD
Hoarders, 10 pm., A&E
Thintervention with Jackie Warner, 10 pm., BRAVO
NFL Football: Saints v. 49ers

What are you tuning into tonight?

Oprah Winfrey to pay taxes for studio audience trip

American TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey ensures that the 300 studio audiences she invited on a trip to Down Under won’t pay anything for the trip.

Present in the audience on Sept. 13 when the host announced the giveaway, Larry Edema from Michigan said that she had a CPA on hand addressing the tax reports immediately after the show’s taping.

Edema said that the CPA informed all the members that taxes involved with the vacation will be completely handled by the show. So, the audience will truly be 100% free.

The CPA further explained that Oprah will be covering all sightseeing and travel-related expenses such as passport costs for the people who cannot afford them.

In 2004, Oprah landed in a huge controversy when she gave brand new cars to her studio audience that charged them $7,000 as gift taxes.